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What we can do for you!

Services Blue Iris provides include:

General critique: $20/hour

Copyedit: $30/hour

Substantive Edit: $40/hour

Proofread: $25/hour

The length of time required for all of the above will depend on the manuscript. On average, a manuscript of 73,000 words will require approximately 18 hours for a substantive edit. The project would generate a ballpark fee of $720.

Editing is done in the cloud via Google Drive, which utilizes a system similar to the Track Changes utility in Microsoft Word. Editing in Microsoft OneDrive is also available.

All services are done on a contractual basis. We trust you, but we want you to know you can trust us as well. We’re rather proud of the fact that our completed print and ebook files have rarely failed to be accepted as presented by either Lightning Source/Ingram or Createspace.


The relationship between Blue Iris and Zumaya Publications allows us to offer a cooperative publishing package for a novella and novel-length fiction.

The publishing packet can include all or some of the following services: a complete edit, followup copyedit, and print book layout and ebook formatting for EPUB and Kindle, all with unique ISBNs.

If the author wishes, Zumaya will provide printing and distribution via Ingram and Createspace for a commission of 10% of net sales. There is no setup fee for this service, but an annual distribution fee of $12 per title will apply.

Who is behind Blue Iris Author Services?

Liz Burton

Her career as a professional editor began her freshman year at Penn State when she helped a classmate raise his history grade from a D to a B by working on his essays. Some years later, those skills expanded into journalism and then book editing for a number of small presses.

“My only goal when working with an author is to ensure their book is the best it can be. This is especially true with fiction, where sometimes the wrong way can be the right way. The most important rule is: Don’t confuse the reader.”

In 2003, having initially signed on as a freelance editor, she became a full partner in Zumaya Publications, then based in Canada. She became co-owner with her sister and niece in 2008, moving company operations to Austin TX, where it continues.


    • 40-plus years of professional editing experience
    • 25 years of copywriting experience
    • Published author of four novels, including the award-winning The Ugly Princess
    • Editor/publisher Zumaya Publications LLC
    • Member Society of Professional Journalists, the Independent Book Publishers Association, and the Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition



Blue Iris Author Services
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